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About the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

DMCC, established in 2002, is the UAE's biggest free zone and a global leader in commodities trading. Home to over 24,000 companies, it focuses on precious metals, energy, and agricultural goods. Boasting a strategic location in Dubai, it offers businesses a unique blend of benefits. Zero corporate tax, streamlined setup, and 100% foreign ownership create a cost-effective haven. 

The DMCCs specialised infrastructure like storage facilities and industry expertise cater to specific commodity sectors. They are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community through events, networking, and educational programs, bringing a focus on work-life balance for their own business and member companies. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or an ambitious newcomer, DMCC offers a compelling proposition for your business journey, especially if you are trading commodities!

Why Choose the DMCC Freezone?

Although the DMCC have a focus on commodities trading, due to the size and number of businesses trading in the freezone, there is a high chance you will find plenty of likeminded business people all around you. DMCC offers various events, networking opportunities, and educational programs, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration and growth.

It's based in a strategic location in Dubai, so you get easy access to transportation links, other business hubs, and the wider advantages of being in a global commerce hub like Dubai. Due to being the largest free zone in the UAE and a global leader in the freezone field, they have a proven track record, attracting major players and fostering trust with potential partners.

Key Facts

  • Founded: 2002
  • Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
  • Focus: Commodities trading, including precious metals (gold, diamonds), energy, steel & metals, and agricultural commodities (tea, coffee)
  • Size: Largest free zone in the UAE, with over 24,000 registered companies
  • Awards: 9-time winner of "Global Free Zone of the Year" by Financial Times FDi magazine
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Why Choose Prism 7 for Your Freezone Journey?

Choose Prism 7 Corporate for a stress-free, efficient, and successful freezone journey tailored to your specific business needs.

Expertise and Focus

We have a deep understanding of Freezones. Prism 7 specialises in UAE freezone company formations and corporate services. We possess in-depth knowledge of each freezone's unique regulations, benefits, and industry focus, ensuring we match you with the perfect fit for your business.

Seamless Experience

We handle all the complexities of freezone setup, saving you time and effort. Our efficient processes minimise delays and ensure a smooth journey. We take the time to understand your specific business needs and goals. Our dedicated team provides personalised advice and support throughout the entire process.

Value & Support

We offer transparent and competitive pricing for our services, ensuring value for your money. We continue to support you even after your company is set up, offering assistance with renewals, compliance requirements, and other ongoing needs.

As a fellow company operating in the UAE, we understand the local business landscape and its nuances. We are also a business with a UK heritage having expanded to the UAE. This insider perspective can be invaluable for your success.

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